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About Us

Harry's Room
Est. 2021

Born in the Jungle, Crafted for Your Space

Welcome to the vibrant world of Harry's Room, where design isn't just a profession; it's a lifelong passion. Established in 2021, our journey began in the heart of inspiration - the jungle. With nature's raw beauty as our muse, we've cultivated a design philosophy that celebrates harmony, balance, and the symbiotic relationship between people and their spaces.

Founder Harry, driven by a deep-rooted connection to the world around him, grew up in the embrace of the jungle's wild wonder. Guided by his mother's practice of feng shui, he was instilled with the belief that a healthy home is born from thoughtful design and well-chosen furniture. This early awareness ignited a fascination with observing people's living habits - how they interact with their surroundings, what brings them joy, and how spaces can nurture well-being.

Nurturing this innate curiosity, Harry embarked on a journey of formal education, studying interior design at Oregon State University. Here, his passion transformed into expertise. Through rigorous studies in space planning, color theory, project management, and lighting, he honed his skills to transform his innate creative instinct into a craft.

Today, Harry's keen eye for detail and his ability to merge aesthetics with functionality define every project we undertake. From sleek urban spaces to cozy suburban homes, each design is a reflection of our commitment to creating environments that elevate the human experience.

You'll find Harry immersed in his world of creativity, working diligently in his office/art studio nestled in the historic enclave of Old Town Portland, Oregon. The studio serves as a hub of innovation, where ideas spring to life, and concepts evolve into captivating realities.

At Harry's Room, we believe that every space has a story to tell, and we're here to help you narrate it in the most captivating way. Our journey began in the jungle, and it continues with every project we undertake, enriching lives one design at a time.

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