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[Pool House]

Welcome to the epitome of relaxation and contemporary elegance nestled in the outskirts of Beaverton, Oregon. Harry's Room proudly presents a stunning transformation - the design of a pool house that harmoniously blends modern aesthetics with practical functionality. As you step into this oasis of style, you'll be enveloped by an atmosphere that seamlessly fuses the indoors with the outdoors, all while providing an array of seating options for your ultimate comfort.

The essence of modern design unfolds before your eyes, with sleek lines, clean forms, and an emphasis on simplicity. The carefully curated collection of contemporary furniture, handpicked by our expert designers, radiates an air of sophistication while promising comfort like no other. Imagine lounging on plush seats that seem to invite you to unwind, or sinking into cozy corners that beckon you to gather with friends and family.

What truly sets this pool house apart is the thoughtful consideration given to both style and practicality. Every piece of furniture, meticulously chosen, is upholstered in outdoor fabric that not only exudes luxury but also stands resilient against the whims of nature. Rain or shine, the furniture retains its beauty and comfort, extending the joy of outdoor living to all seasons. This pool house truly blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces, offering a sanctuary where you can bask in the tranquility of the surrounding landscape.

The premium materials used in this project are nothing short of remarkable. Weatherproof and designed to endure, they are a testament to our commitment to quality and longevity. Each component has been carefully selected to withstand the elements while adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the pool house. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that the design not only dazzles the eye but also stands the test of time.

In the outskirts of Beaverton, Oregon, Harry's Room has achieved a masterpiece of contemporary interior design. This pool house isn't just a space; it's an experience. It's an embodiment of modern luxury that invites you to unwind, socialize, and create lasting memories. From the versatile seating options to the outdoor-friendly upholstery and weatherproof materials, every element harmonizes to bring you an environment where comfort and style converge seamlessly.

[Living and Dining Room]

Step into the realm of timeless elegance where midcentury modern design takes center stage. Harry's Room proudly presents a stunning interior transformation - the harmonious fusion of a living room and dining room in Eugene, Oregon. With impeccable attention to detail, we've crafted a space that seamlessly marries midcentury aesthetics with a neutral color palette, all while showcasing the captivating beauty of walnut, glass, and ceramic.

In the heart of Eugene, these rooms have been meticulously designed to not only capture the spirit of midcentury modern style but also to offer a retreat of comfort and sophistication. The living room becomes an oasis of relaxation, with its neutral hues creating a canvas that invites you to unwind. The centerpiece, a thoughtfully selected bookshelf, serves as both functional storage and a work of art. Crafted with the finest walnut, this bookshelf exudes warmth and elegance, providing a home for your treasured volumes and cherished decor.

As you transition to the dining room, you'll find that the essence of midcentury modern design flows seamlessly. The dining room china cabinet, crafted to match the living room's bookshelf, is a testament to our commitment to continuity and refined design. The rich walnut hues blend effortlessly with the surrounding decor, creating a symphony of cohesive elegance. This china cabinet is not merely a piece of furniture; it's a statement of style and a showcase for your most cherished dining pieces.

Neutral tones reign supreme in this design, offering a serene backdrop that allows the furniture and materials to shine. The use of glass and ceramic elements introduces a touch of sophistication and depth, adding layers of visual interest to the space. The interplay of textures, from the smooth glass surfaces to the tactile richness of walnut, creates a multi-dimensional experience that's as inviting as it is inspiring.

Walnut, glass, and ceramic - these primary materials are the threads that weave this interior design project together. Each element has been carefully chosen to reflect the timeless charm of midcentury design while seamlessly integrating with the contemporary needs of modern living. Every detail, from the placement of furniture to the choice of decor, has been thoughtfully considered to create a cohesive and harmonious environment.

In Eugene, Oregon, Harry's Room has transformed these living and dining rooms into a celebration of midcentury modern design. This project is a tribute to the artistry of interior design, where form and function coexist in perfect harmony. From the matching styles of the dining room china cabinet and living room bookshelf to the skillful use of walnut, glass, and ceramic, this design journey is a testament to our dedication to creating spaces that inspire and captivate.


Experience the fusion of creativity, culture, and collaboration in the heart of Portland, Oregon. Harry's Room is thrilled to unveil a stunning transformation - the design of a hair salon that goes beyond beauty, transcending into an immersive journey of heritage, warmth, and ingenuity. This space isn't just about aesthetics; it's a testament to the power of design to tell stories, solve problems, and create unforgettable experiences.

Nestled within the vibrant streets of Portland, this hair salon embodies the art of listening and crafting. At every step, we embraced the client's vision and unearthed their unique challenges, using our expertise to weave together a design that speaks to their needs. The result is a space where solutions meet aesthetics in a seamless dance of form and function.

Drawing inspiration from the earthy tones requested by our client, we've crafted an environment that breathes tranquility and natural beauty. The salon becomes a canvas of warmth, with hues that evoke the soothing embrace of nature. From the gentle play of light on textured surfaces to the carefully chosen furniture and fixtures, every element converges to create a sanctuary that nurtures both patrons and customers alike.

The salon isn't just a reflection of design; it's a celebration of heritage. We took the client's Mexican roots and breathed life into the space by infusing materials, colors, and motifs from that rich region. It's more than just design; it's an homage to culture and identity. As a crowning jewel, a mural by a local Portland artist captures the essence of a tribal warrior, a vibrant embodiment of heritage that leaves an indelible mark on the salon's ambiance.

But our journey didn't end with aesthetics; it extended into creating an environment that transcends the transactional. Inspired by the painting "School of Beauty, School of Culture" by Kerry James Marshall, we've created a space that radiates the same sense of belonging, inclusivity, and inspiration. Just as Marshall's painting speaks to the profound impact of representation, our salon embraces diversity, inviting patrons to a realm where they're not just customers, but cherished members of a community.

This project is a testament to collaboration's magic. With our client as a guiding light, we breathed life into dreams, sculpting a hair salon that isn't just about beauty but about stories and shared aspirations. Harry's Room is honored to have been part of this journey - a journey that transcends design and ushers in an era where spaces are transformative, powerful, and deeply personal.